Consulting Services

  • Xenia works with companies in defining their core marketing and business strategy, helping them define the marketing infrastructure for their business and finalize their business plans
  • Xenia offers consulting services, helping customers define the Go To Market (GTM) for their products/services. This could be for specific solution sectors, industry sectors or specific geography segments.

Marketing Process outsourcing (MPO)

MPO operations/Outsourced marketing operations are designed to optimize and drive efficiency into the marketing departments of organizations. We work with businesses to give them the power to execute on their marketing strategies, to enable them to become bigger businesses. Marketing outsourcing helps you in reaching your goals by leveraging best in class practices without the need for you to invest in experienced and expensive resources.

Services we offer include :

  1. Integrated Lead management (Demand generation, lead generation, lead nurture) [ see details ]
  2. Key Accounts Marketing (Developing your key accounts to deliver their true value) [ see details ]
  3. Marketing Content Management (Marketing content generation, marketing communications, Content propagation, analysis) [ see details ]
  4. Event management & Event planning (Co-ordination and support) [ see details ]

We can take up responsibility for delivering identified sections of the marketing plan and manage the execution of the strategies from our delivery centers in India.



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