Achieving more sales is not about hiring more sales people

I meet several entrepreneurs and pharmacy online leaders of small businesses. I find there is

one thing that is common across most of them. They tend to throw sales people into the equation to solve their growth issues.

It is both surprising and frustrating because hiring good salespeople can be pretty expensive and there are several issues to be addressed even before you have sales people reaching out to your

potential customers.

Sales enabling solutions_Xenia

Sales enabling solutions_Xenia

I classically call this as sales enabling solutions. What are the different kind of sales enabling solutions that you need to think about? I talk about a few in this post

1) Identify the messaging theme that works for you? – What are your products/services offering to your customers. What problem are they solving. What is unique about what you are offering. It takes efforts to cull this

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out through detailed internal workshops, competitor research and insights from customers that are already working with you.

2) Where do your prospects socialize – How can you reach them? – Can you define your target market very precisely and also identify best possible ways to reach them. The more

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you can make this sharper, the easier it is to reach them with specific messaging.

3) How are you making it easy for them to engage with you? – If they are interested in

working with you, how will they engage with you.

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How can you simplify this process of customer on-boarding.

4) How prepared are you to address their sales objections? – Detailed sales objection handling means that your sales team will be much more prepared when they are meeting with your sublingual viagra prospects. Sales objection handling can be at multiple levels, capabilities related, organization level as well as on several softer issues like escalation, risk etc.

5) Why should they trust you? – What are you doing to build trust. Insertions in media, third party posts, award nominations, CSR initiatives, customer meets. Apart from these, within your sphere of work, you can target quality certifications and take several other credibility measures.

Feedback welcome, Your views are valuable.


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