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2. Invest in content marketing to build thought leadership and a strong following

Traditionally, sellers have been looking for buyers and so the focus has always been on push based marketing efforts. These include things like mass mailing campaigns, participating in trade-shows, advertising and the type. Besides being very expensive, this traditional approach … Continue reading

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1. So Marketing has changed! Time to stop complaining & leverage the change – 5 easy steps

If you are a new-age marketer, you are already aware of the changed marketing landscape. If you have been doing it for a few years and are trying to grope with the change, here is a quick summary of what … Continue reading

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5 Essential elements of a marketing content strategy

Effective Marketing content is an integral part of your entire pull marketing or inbound marketing strategy. Fresh content that you create and publish regularly will help you get more focused and targeted traffic to your website. So what are things … Continue reading

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Running out of content for your marketing needs, 4 tips to Re-Purpose your Content

To meet your marketing objectives, you need new marketing content all the time. How can you use existing content and re-purpose it in a different form and yet ensure that you are offering something fresh and relevant to your target … Continue reading

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Leveraging the ‘power of four’ to ensure responses to your email campaigns !

There are so many emails hitting your target customer’s email box on a daily basis. Add to this the fact that most of the emails would be read/filtered using Blackberries. How do you make sure that your email gets read in this … Continue reading

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4 point essential marketing kit for small to medium software product companies

You have a great product idea and you have the best of technical resources to build your product, but what would be the 4 things(in marketing) that you can’t miss out on,  while planning your marketing strategy? Here are my thoughts1) Get … Continue reading

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Get closer to your target market for maximizing revenue potential

Working with business owners to define and identify the target markets for their product/services has always been an enjoyable exercise. One of the most important things that it involves is to take the business owner or the CEO slightly away … Continue reading

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How important are elevator pitches in B2B marketing ?

I have heard this many times over. ” Whats the point of creating hype and giving elevator pitches, when you are not trying to close a sale in that conversation. Elevator pitches are sales tools used by salesmen of consumer … Continue reading

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Setting short term and long term goals for your marketing programs

Goals are important in every walk of life, then is Marketing different ? In fact it is all the more important that there are measurable, realistic and specific goals (both short term and long term) for your marketing efforts. This makes … Continue reading

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Marketing Outsourcing – a viable option

The economy seems to be getting back to normalcy, slowly and surely. Amidst all the mayhem that companies unleashed during the lean period, all the major cost centers and support operations suffered. Marketing, which is still considered as a cost … Continue reading

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