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5 ways to slice your content and make it last longer

I had mentioned as a part of my earlier blog, Now that you have developed Content, what next – all you need to know, that it is important to slice your content. But how do you go about doing that. … Continue reading

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Staying safe from Ransomware

For people in both the public and private sector, cyber-attack has become a potentially life-altering and seemingly unstoppable threat that is beginning to define our everyday lives. In few hours, 200,000 machines were infected. Big organizations were struck and crippled by … Continue reading

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7 must-have collateral items for every small business.

To remain competitive, you need to provide information about your company and your products/services to employees, investors, existing and potential clients on an ongoing basis. Your company’s success depends on how well you communicate what you have to offer. What’s … Continue reading

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Is ‘firing your sales guys’ a solution to your growth challenges?

In India, we run an April to March financial year and every time, we get to around February/March timeframe, the same dreaded discussion does the rounds in management & board meetings across organizations. ‘Should we just fire our sales guy/s?’ … Continue reading

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#CHENNAIFLOODS – How Social Media came to the rescue

Chennai was pounded by the worst rains in nearly a century couple of weeks ago, with heavy downpour leaving most parts of the city under water. Several parts of the state of Tamil Nadu were lashed by torrential rains. Streets, … Continue reading

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Email marketing cheat sheet to improve response rates by over 200%

Email marketing continues to be one of the most popular and cost-effective means used by organizations, the world over to reach their potential prospects. The actual sending of email is one tiny step in a larger process. There are a … Continue reading

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How to design and write case studies to help you win new business

As you engage with prospective clients, it helps immensely to have case studies as part of your sales kit. Case studies achieve three important goals, while engaging with prospects Supports the services you are offering with real life examples of … Continue reading

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Get organized with your lists to expand your reach by over 5 times

Email marketing is one of the most popular mechanisms used by marketers worldwide. For the strategy to be successful, you need relevant email ids of the right contact persons in the companies that you are targeting. Most companies face challenges … Continue reading

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Why cold calling is dead and what you need to do for lead generation

When we get to management school, we often hear the common adage “Work smarter, not harder” It is frustrating to see so many sales organizations trying to slog their sales engines out using old-age methods and tactics. Come on guys, … Continue reading

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5. Measure, Analyze, Track and take decisions

We are in the age of measurable marketing. You can use various mechanisms to propagate your content like email marketing, Online PR & Article submission, blog propagation, systematic back-link building strategy, PPC campaigns. For each, there will be various mechanisms … Continue reading

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