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Some simple mechanisms to ‘retain’ your customers

   Every company spends a lot of money to acquire new customers, so investing a bit more to keep them is well worth the price. It’s widely acknowledged that the cost of acquiring a new customer can be upwards of … Continue reading

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Sales funnel problems ! Rejuvenate your business with focused lead nurturing programs

Marketers world-wide spend a lot of time thinking of innovative means to create/capture new leads for their business. In most cases, they are blind-folded by their sales targets and focus only on those leads that have the potential to offer immediate … Continue reading

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Unlock the potential of your strategic key accounts in 4 easy steps !

Most services organizations have a significant part of their revenues coming in from a few select strategic key accounts. These accounts are nurtured over the years by salesmen, account managers, delivery personnel and receive a good share of top management … Continue reading

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Marketing outsourcing – some debates

Marketing & Sales are core functions of an organization. How can you ever think of outsourcing these functions?  Isn’t this a common argument that you hear time and time again? . Even while saying so, companies will go about appointing … Continue reading

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