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case studies of your customers highlighting the benefits that they derived from the products/services that your company provided

Why you need to plan a dynamic collateral mix

Savvy marketers need to focus on the different formats in which their customers would like to consume collateral. Also the type of collateral needed differs based on the stages in the sales lifecycle the purpose for which it is used … Continue reading

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5 Essential elements of a marketing content strategy

Effective Marketing content is an integral part of your entire pull marketing or inbound marketing strategy. Fresh content that you create and publish regularly will help you get more focused and targeted traffic to your website. So what are things … Continue reading

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Can marketing content help you in acquiring new customers?

In the buying cycle, marketing content is used actively in the various stages right from suspecting, prospecting to the actual contract closure. The efficacy of the marketing content  in helping you with this closure is directly attributed to its quality, … Continue reading

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The definitive science of creating "EFFECTIVE Marketing Content"

For your business to be successful, you need to manage the relationships that you have with your prospects, customers and stakeholders. While managing these relationships at different levels right from a suspect stage till the contract closure stage, you will … Continue reading

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