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A simple ‘3 step’ primer before your sales calls

I am sure all of us are involved in making sales calls several times your careers (whoever said that sales calls are made only by sales people). Here are some tips to make your sales calls more relevent and increase … Continue reading

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Running out of content for your marketing needs, 4 tips to Re-Purpose your Content

To meet your marketing objectives, you need new marketing content all the time. How can you use existing content and re-purpose it in a different form and yet ensure that you are offering something fresh and relevant to your target … Continue reading

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The definitive science of creating "EFFECTIVE Marketing Content"

For your business to be successful, you need to manage the relationships that you have with your prospects, customers and stakeholders. While managing these relationships at different levels right from a suspect stage till the contract closure stage, you will … Continue reading

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Leveraging the ‘power of four’ to ensure responses to your email campaigns !

There are so many emails hitting your target customer’s email box on a daily basis. Add to this the fact that most of the emails would be read/filtered using Blackberries. How do you make sure that your email gets read in this … Continue reading

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Some simple mechanisms to ‘retain’ your customers

   Every company spends a lot of money to acquire new customers, so investing a bit more to keep them is well worth the price. It’s widely acknowledged that the cost of acquiring a new customer can be upwards of … Continue reading

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6 point ‘start-up checklist’ before you launch into Lead Generation Programs

     A lot of my customers ask me, “What would you need from our side before you launch a lead generation program for us”. I thought this info would be useful to a larger audience, so decided to post … Continue reading

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6 "Marketing must-haves" for your website

Organizations increasingly depend on their website as the single largest ‘marketing infrastructure’ tools. Here are some “must haves” for your website1) Performance – you might design great sites, but you need to make sure that the site load time is … Continue reading

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Some secrets to marketing success that no one will teach you

  Several people ask me, ” What are the secrets to marketing success” that we are missing out on. I pondered over this question a bit and it took me some time to pin-point specific areas for success, as every business … Continue reading

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Achieve a sales closure in every client interaction

In every client interaction, you are usually selling something. Based on you closing all these conditional sales, the client eventually gives you the coveted PO and buys your product/service. It is important to set expectations and objectives very clearly ahead of … Continue reading

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4 point essential marketing kit for small to medium software product companies

You have a great product idea and you have the best of technical resources to build your product, but what would be the 4 things(in marketing) that you can’t miss out on,  while planning your marketing strategy? Here are my thoughts1) Get … Continue reading

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